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Tips on Weed Control

It is awesome to live around a lake because you can do a lot of activities in the lake. You can, for example, get early and go fishing or just take the boat out for a spin. Owners of lakefront property are however needed to direct6 their attention on controlling weeds. When aquatic weeds begin to grow uncontrollably, your pond or lake could be tremendously harmed. In that case, controlling weed is vital for the health of your lake. You must keep a keen eye for some signals that symbolize the appropriate time to practice weed control. This is a guideline to the signs you may use to find out the appropriate time to carry out weed control.

The first sign that is plain to see is a lot of weeds. Weeds are a consequence of the presence of too many nutrients. These nutrients stimulate the development of weeds. These nutrients are usually from fertilizers used for farming which find their way to the lake. You are not required to remove all of the weed, however, some of it must be eliminated. Cattails and bulrushes are illustrations of familiar weeds that when present in small numbers, aquatic life find habitat in them. In addition, certain algae if present on the lake is a sign that weed control is needed. Blue-algae is, for instance, the most significant example of weeds that produce severe toxins.

Too much muck is another signal that your lake’s ecosystem has a problem. The presence of too much is evidence of minimal dissolved oxygen. This is because aerobic bacteria that digest muck in the presence of dissolved oxygen is lacking and instead anaerobic bacteria is present. Anaerobic bacteria produce nutrients, which sustains weeds and causes fish to die. In addition, keep a close eye to notice when the water is too muddy. When the water is too muddy, the photosynthesis cycle, which maintains the ecosystem of the lake in balance is disrupted.

A further sign of the need for weed control is if you observe continuous fish deaths on the lake. There are many rationales behind the death of fish with excessive weeds in the midst of them. An added sign is if you notice the presence of Zebra and Quaga mussels. They are common causes of destructive effects on freshwater bodies and menacing to human beings. Regrettably, weed control is not the ultimate solution to this challenge.

Last but not least, weed control only provides a perfect alternative to some of the problems outlined before jut not all. You can adequately resolve some of the weed issues by understanding well the weeds. Various tools you may use to control weeds include weed razer, dredgers, herbicides, and benthic barriers.

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