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Choosing the Best Deck and Patio Repair Contractor It is really wonderful to have your own deck or patio at home to entertain your guests, relaxing area for reading your favorite book or newspaper, or having a nice summer barbecue family get together. However, your deck or patio can be damaged by natural elements like rain, snow or it may be damaged by strong winds and sun rays. It is when you’ll need a professional to fix rotten boards, loose nails and wobbly railings to preserve its look and usage. Here are some tips for you on how to take good care of your deck or porch.: Early inspection and detection for deck or patio damage should be done in a regular basis such as loose railings or boards and popped nails, replacing these popped nails with coated screws, immediately repairing or replacing loose railings. You can use mild household detergent in water to wash dirt from a wood deck, then rinse it thoroughly afterwards. For mildew sticking on your patio or deck, you can use a bleaching agent in a water solution, flushing the area with water and allowing it to dry, and for tree sap stains, mineral spirits can take care of it. A good wood stain containing a sealant can preserve your wood deck surface for two to three years, however it is not recommended to be applied for pressure-treated lumber, instead allow it to age for about six months before doing so. Wood deck shellac or varnish do not withstand exposure to sun and moisture, so avoiding it will be more practical. Whereas for damaged floor deck replacement, bracing the boards and installing cleats along inside faces of joists in the sides of holes should be done. It is advised that for patchy materials, a wood preservative can be applied covering all surfaces before installation. Preventive measures to prevent further board decay can be managed by covering the ground under the porch with a heavy plastic lapped up to six inches at its sides, setting few bricks or stones to hold the plastic in place and painting all exposed wood with a wood preservative. The common problems of patios and decks include loosen, cracked or rotten wood, too pliant boards, loose handrails, and weak and aged support posts. Our professional deck and patio construction workers perform all sorts of fixes and repairs making sure that the area is usable, safe and beautiful. We also repair any patio or deck fixtures like built-in barbecues, sitting areas or fire pits. Sometimes, a patio or deck is beyond repair needing extensive repairs or fixes, if this happens we can help you plan a brand new deck or patio construction. We have the most advanced tools and equipment as well as high quality materials for your deck or patio. Our company is one of the leaders in deck or patio repair and restoration, ensuring that your outdoor space lasts a lifetime.What Has Changed Recently With Companies?

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