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Hardy Tips for Planning a Memorial Service

A memorial service is a function is a process that is organized to give tribute to the deceased. This service is an opportunity to say goodbye to the departed with the support of the family and friends. Unlike traditional funeral, memorial service doesn’t need to have a pastor A memorial service doesn’t have to be held in church, it can be held in any place. t is usually very stressful if a person passes on without instructions about his/her funeral.Find out more here

If you carefully read the following points; you will be able to prepare for your memorial service. The site of the function is the first thing that you should consider. In the memorial service planning, take time to choose the location. The place that you want should be significant o the deceased. The dead for example if he/she loved water, you could choose a location to be a beach.Find out more here

Another crucial element in memorial service planning is the date. The date selected may be several day or weeks after the end of the loved ones. Make sure that you provide the people attending sufficient time of preparation by choosing a convenient date. The best time to hold the function is early morning or at the evening. Scheduling the service in about two to three to three weeks is better because it helps the gust who are away to take advantage of booking discount on the airline tickets. Find out more here

It is necessary to prepare for a speaker who shall be leading the memorial service. A memorial service will not be complete without a speaker. A person who was unique to the dead is the best selection. One of the children of the deceased or a close friend can be chosen to lead the function. All attendees may be allowed to share memories, with the service leader serving as a moderator..

On your plans make sure include a photographer. Among the people that you invite in the function, not all will attend. Photography is paramount because it helps other people to streamline the moment. Besides, the photos and videos of the memorial service can be held by the relatives for memory.

Theme is one more crucial thing to plan in your memorial service. Choose a selection that was special to the dead. for example flowers, songs, colour among other things. A special theme is necessary because it tells the attended of things that are special to the family. In some memorials service, the attendee are asked to wear clothes that have a distinctive colour or design.

Lastly, choose the best performance and presntation. A checklist is necessary to make sure that nothing is overlooked. Presentation can a letter or card read by a person. Poetry and dancing performance should also be included in the list.