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Why Should Consider Using Granite Headstones

When you really think about it, each headstone creates the impression of “in loving memory”. Headstones are key figures that memorialise loved ones for many years to come. They are a great way to reflect on who they were, the life that they lived, the kind of character they portrayed and a reminder literally cast in stone of the person that you love and will live to remember. However, for people not aware of where they should begin, choosing the best headstone for their loved one can be a very stressful endeavour. There are various materials, colours and styles to choose from, which altogether make decision-making seem quite impossible especially considering being in the midst of losing a loved one. Arguably, the most vital decision anyone can make when choosing a good headstone is deciding on the right material. There are plenty of man-made and natural stones people can choose, ranging from cement, slates, grenades, limestone and even marble. Your preferred material of choice should not only be a key reflection of your style, but of more importance, be able to bear the test of time. With this in mind, below we look at some reasons why you should opt for granite headstones.

Compared to most other materials used to make headstones like limestone or marble, granite is very durable. The formation of great occurs when magma cools very slowly far underneath the surface of the earth. Through extreme temperatures and pressure, granite gets crystallised, causing its molecules to be packed together tightly hence making granite an incredibly durable and strong material altogether. To get a better picture of how durable granite is, we can compare it to Diamond, which is arguably among if not the hardest material on the planet. According to the Mohs scale that determines mineral hardness, diamond has an impressive rating of 10. Comparatively, the same scale rates granite at between six and seven. Marble, on the other hand, has a less impressive rating of three. Thus, due to this unique strength and composition granite headstones have the capability to remain intact, with any lettering is made them staying legible for many years.

Another great reason why you should choose granite is the plethora of colour options you get to choose from. Out of all the stone material and man-made products that exist, none offers the huge diversity of textures and colours that granite provides. During the formation of granite, it crystallises, giving it a very unique texture similar to that of stone. During formation also, granite takes various colours, meaning that if you choose a granite headstone, you will most definitely find a colour that best suits your preferences.

Granite is both durable and beautiful, and surprisingly quite abundant in most areas around the world. This goes a long way in ensuring its cost stays within reasonable ranges. While the upfront costs of granite may be similar to that of other stones, its impressive durability means that buyers of granite eventually get more worth for their money in the long run. How much gets spent on granite headstones is dependent on the type, style and size of the headstone.

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