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Various Notable Contributions To The Architectural World.

It is quite vital for homes and buildings to be constructed while considering the safety of people and to produce durable, comfortable and appealing structures. There are many notable individuals who made important and long lasting contributions to the world of architecture with their work being deployed till today. Modern architects and artists are known to copy or use the works of the renown persons to design modern buildings that ensure comfortability and durability. One such architect made significant contributions to the architecture industry through uniquely designed structures. The architect was involved in constructing numerous structures throughout his life and some of the buildings are considered masterpieces for their superbness.

One of the styles associated with the architect include horizontal lines especially for residential homes. The horizontal lines for residential homes created wider looking and added sprawl to the structures compared to the original footprint. During the era, buildings were made using common materials but the architect introduced mass produced commercial materials to construct. The architect preferred to use such materials as concrete stones, fiberglass, natural elements like wood and lots of glass. Buildings constructed by the architect had extended roof lines and open floor plans going against the normal box shaped structures during that period.

The architect extended the roof lines beyond the exterior walls to get better looking and attractive structures. At the time, buildings were built resembling boxes and the rooms were designed in several segmented partitions. The architect went against the norm and created open floors that increased space and enhanced comfort. The architect strived to construct buildings that complemented the environment as opposed to degradation. The architect’s styles involved blending the buildings with the environment so as to flow and match perfectly. Designing structures flowing with the environment encouraged others to deploy environmental friendly techniques and materials to conserve the environment. Structures designed by the architect involved heavy use of glass so as to increase visibility and allow more light into the structures.

Full glass walls were sometimes used to allow for clear visibility and for customers to see the interiors from outside. Since the architect was also an interior designer, he introduced custom light fixtures, interiors and other items such as furniture. Apart from using lots of glass to bring in more light, the architect also ensured sufficient light through customized indoor and outdoor lighting styles. The light fixtures were made having overhanging caps, straight lines and stained glass exteriors. The customized furniture composed of clean straight lines and uniquely styled geometries. Due to being interested in prefabricated homes which consisted of pre made commercial materials, the architect led to affordable and comfortable homes.