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Important Tips in Choosing Excavator Attachments

In the economy that we are living in today, it is important to take advantage of how we could take full advantage of the versatility built-in an excavator. The attachments and couplers are in fact one of the ways in order to accomplish various tasks in just one machine, which then results in bid opportunities, increased productivity and also reduced operating expenses. Below are some of the tips that you should remember in choosing excavator attachments.

Know More About It
It is very important that you get as much information as you could about excavator attachments from attachment experts from equipment dealers or rental stores. They can help in making good recommendations. You also should be prepared in talking about the kind of material that you will be working with and on the cycle time requirements.

You also should take note of its retrofit or specialized features. When the attachment will need hydraulics, know about the hydraulic flow and its pressure output capabilities. Also, try to understand the auxiliary hydraulics. Not all of the machines, in fact, come with a third or fourth hydraulic function capability, but there are some attachments that will be needing this.

Flow Specifications of the Hydraulic Circuit
A fact about hydraulics is that this not just provides power to the ground, but this will enable lifting and tilting and in running the auxiliary circuit that will drive the attachments. The criteria about high flow or standard flow varies from every manufacturer, which is why it’s important to know what is needed and on how the machine will be equipped.

Attachment Configurations to the Machine
Equipment manufacturers offer a tool in different configurations. A direct drive or planetary drive augers are available for the standard hydraulic flow machines. The configurations will be able to help in maximizing the capabilities of hydraulic circuits in medium-duty applications. High-flow configurations are made purposely for maximum torque and hydraulic hoses and seals are made for withstanding added pressure and maintaining a leak-free connection.

Machines having high-flow hydraulics could, in fact, operate attachments that are designed for the standard-flow machines, but the reverse is one that is not recommended. Standard-flow machine hydraulic systems could not supply the flow that is necessary for operating the tool properly.

Consider Quick Couplers
It is best that you also consider quick couplers for an easy and fast attachment change. Quick couplers that will allow you in changing attachments from the cab would be the best one for productivity booster. Some couplers will allow you to change the bucket size or perhaps switch to another attachment easily without having to leave your cab. You also could pick up buckets in a reversed position for you to clean out and in squaring corners and turning it back around for digging. Make sure that you also confirm the attachment will be coupled from the operator’s seat by using visual and audible indicators.

An excavator can, in fact, move fast from task to task and a fleet of similarly equipped excavators could share common work tool inventory.

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