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The Role of the Church and their Beliefs in the Community

In the church set up there are some people who have existed for decades as congregants while others are new comers. Some families come from homes where their generations and grandparents were part of the same church. Various people who attend the church includes students and experienced people in the society. Besides, there are some people who attend the church, but carry the marks of pain and suffering. After all any person who attend their church is a follower of Jesus Christ, and has been radicalized by His death, burial and resurrection. Therefore, every person who have been changed and believes Jesus Christ suffered for their sake has the ultimate right to go out in the streets and preach the good news to every person who does not have the knowledge. Various places where the gospel is spread includes in the country, streets and all the corners of the earth.

Since many people are passionate to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ, billions of them in the planet believe and have high hopes about eternal life after death. Even though there are still some people who deviate from the Church reality these experts take their efforts to make them disciples and attract them to the gospel. Recently, the ambassadors have been strengthening their ministries, expanding facilities and sharpening the tools they are using to spread the good news. With the above enhancement they will have an opportunity to reach out for more people, teach more and attract high numbers of disciples. Gospel has now been spread to those who have never heard about Jesus Christ and do not even have a clue about whom He is. The church participants are always praying, giving, and walking miles and miles every now and then to have more people follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

The church believes that family was ordained by God as the foundation in human society. The institution is composed of persons who relate to one another through marriage, blood and adoption. Also, marriage unites one man and one woman in a covenant commitment for lifetime. Both husband and wife are equally worth before God, since they were created in God’s image and likeness. A husband is supposed to love his wife like Christ loved the church. A husband was given responsibility by God to provide, protect and lead his family. In addition, the wife is supposed to submit herself to her husband as servant leadership as the church is willing to submit to Christ.

In terms of religious liberty the church believes that it should be a separate entity to the state. It is the role of the state to protect the church and offer full freedom in terms of spiritual needs. Christians are under obligation to seek and make will of Christ supreme in both their lives and human society. Christians should have the capacity to oppose racism, any form of greed, vices and sexual immorality. The church should work towards providing basic needs to orphans, needy, aged, and the sick. It is the core role of the church to speak on behalf of the unborn from conception to their natural death.

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