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Things You Must Ask to Find a Reputable and Reliable Blue Weimaraner Breeder

Owning a dog is a serious commitment, which comes with a lot of responsibilities. As a dog-owner, you?ll need to see to it that your furry friend is well-fed, groomed, and healthy. Also, you?ll have to train it and ensure that it develops proper social behavior. You must, therefore, take your time to think things through before deciding to get a dog. If you?ve already done this and you?ve come to the conclusion that you want a puppy, then you can move on to adoption. Weimaraners are great and superior breeds. You?ll come across many breeders, but not all are good at what they do. So, don?t pick a breeder blindly. Vet them first to see they are true professionals. This way, you?ll be able to decide whether to get your puppy from them or to look elsewhere. Here are the things you should ask.

Do You Get Your Puppies Checked By a Professional Vet?

Weimaraners are superior breeds. Nevertheless, they are predisposed to diverse infections, particularly in the early stages. They must, therefore, undergo regular tests to ensure that they don?t succumb to the infections and to also give them a healthy foundation. Every breeder should have their puppies checked regularly by professional vets. With this said, you should avoid breeders that do not give a positive response to this question. You?ll hardly come across any breeder that will admit to not having their puppies checked. Therefore, you need to at least see the puppies? medical reports. Don?t trust a breeder that isn?t ready to handover these reports. Chances are they don?t have any reports to show because they hardly ever take their puppies to a vet. If the reports are handed over to you, you?ll have to read through them carefully and diligently. Adopt a puppy that doesn?t have a chronic ailment or a severe genetic condition.

Will You Keep in Touch After the Adoption?

Professional breeders have their puppies? best interest at heart. As a result, they don?t cut ties after adoption. On the contrary, they strive to keep in touch and to help out whenever they can. Choose a breeder that will keep tabs on the puppy, even after you take it home. This way, you?ll get assistance and guidance on how to best care for the puppy. A breeder?s willingness to keep in touch can tell volumes about their attitude toward their puppies. Ideally, breeders who love their puppies and view them as something more than just a commodity for sale will always keep in touch, even years later.

Can I Drop By and Have a Look Around?

Never adopt a puppy without seeing the environment that they were brought up in. A reputable breeder will not deny you access to their breeding areas. Take it as a red flag if they do. It goes to show that they have something that they?d not want you to see. Pick a breeder that will take the initiative to welcome you to their breeding sites, before you even ask. Survey the sites carefully. Adopt a puppy that has been raised and bred in a conducive environment.

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