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How to Get Child Custody Investigations

Your wife has served the divorce papers for you and you were surprised. Upon reading the divorce papers you find that she is seeking their full child custody. You are alarmed by this because you have witnessed how she can be cruel to your kids at times. You worry about the safety and welfare of your kids if they will only be exposed to your wife. If you want to remain child custody then one of the things that you can do is to hire a firm that specializes in child custody investigation.

Are you familiar with this? Well in such an investigation there is evidence that is gathered so that it can be presented to the court that another parent deserves full child custody or partial child custody. In this investigation, incriminating evidence will be sought out on child abuse and child neglect which can be legal grounds not to grant to a person that full child custody that he or she is seeking. Since the divorce rate is high in this country then it follows that there are many formerly married couples who are trying to sort out their terms of an agreement on child custody. If you know for sure that your ex-spouse is seeking full child custody in order to get back at you then you can get the upper hand by getting a child custody investigation. The question now is how do you get one?

Well in order for you to be able to hire a person who does it then you need to start looking for information on a firm that does it. You can readily get such information when you search for one online. There you may even be able to find different persons or firms that specialize in this field. You have to get all the information on them so that you can make an informed choice in the end on who among them to hire.

To get information on them you would have to look at their websites. If they have been doing this kind of investigation for a long time, then they would be more credible for their job. You can also check if there are any testimonials that you can find there on their webpage. In addition to that, you also need to make an inquiry from them regarding the price that they charge on people for conducting such kind of investigation. Once you have obtained from them such information then what you can do next is to compare the pieces of information that you got from them. You can compare for example the service fees that they charge.

Once you have compared them then you can now pick which one you think is the best firm or person to hire so that you can have a child custody investigation on your ex-spouse. You can give some information that they need about your ex-spouse that can help them in the conduct of the child custody investigation.

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