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Why You Should Wear Flip Flops and How to Buy a Great Pair

With so many choices of colors, materials, styles and all, flip-flops are irrevocably a summer favorite. But aside from what’s obvious – flip flops help diffuse the heat! – why do we naturally gravitate towards this lowly but never-to-be-underestimated footwear?

Sense of Being Free

For starters, flip-flops are so free and easy. Just by sliding your foot in, you’re ready to go – no socks, laces or buckles needed. When other aspects of your life seem hard and heavy with responsibilities, flip-flops bring out a feeling of happy-go-lucky ease.

Time to Play!

Northwestern University researchers recently coined the term “enclothed cognition,” referring to the orderly effect that clothing causes on a person’s psyche. In their research, participants performed better on certain attention tasks while donning a lab coat, for instance. By wearing flip-flops, you are in a way signaling yourself to relax and enjoy. In particular, flip-flops conjure holidays in exotic locations?no matter if you only wear yours for running some errands. These excellently packable sandals are simply your ultimate getaway footwear. Envisioning yourself in a beautiful tropical beach, enjoying that distinct smell of salt on the breeze and getting kissed by the sun can be soothing when you need a respite from your busy day-to-day life. No different is the kinesthetic experience of going almost barefoot with just your beach-perfect flip-flops on.


Though flip-flops are unassuming and minimalist, they’re far from fading wallflowers. In fact, they announce each step you take, and there’s something about that slapping sound against the sole of your foot. When you have your flip-flops on, you revel in that freedom of not having to tiptoe in others’ company. And these sandals come in quite a palette of exciting colors, plus they’re inexpensive enough to buy several pairs for your spectrum of moods. Definitely, flip-flops make the perfect backdrop for your colorful pedicure. They are a risk-free way to express your uniqueness, nonconformity, style, or youthful vibe.

Good Size, Great Fit

Finally, flip flops are not all the same, and there are several factors you have need to consider before getting a pair. But everything can only boil down to size and fit. Your foot must sit fair and square on the sole of the footwear, which simply means zero spillover, whether around your toes or your heel. And take note that simply because you find a certain shoe size for a particular brand comfy enough doesn’t mean the same size will be as comfy for your favorite flip-flop brand. If you’re unsure, buy something that’s bigger by half a size than your typical shoe size.

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