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Things You Did Not Know About Home Warranties

One can only imagine how a home would feel with the HVAC not working especially after one has just bought a home. One may also imagine what would happen if the roof was blown at a time he or she has committed his or her finances and hence with no money. One would have very easy time in case of such a break down if he or she had a home warranty but one may need to know what it entails. It is essential for one to begin by noting that a home warranty is a type of cover that tends to cater for cost of repairs and installations of any broken appliance in the house for 12 months after its renewal. A home warranty tends to last exactly 12 years even if one had to transfer ownership of the house in question.

One may think that a homeowner insurance is more or less like a home warranty. While insurance tend to be very specific in the items it covers, a homeowner warranty tends to be a bit general. With that in mind, one would need to view a home warranty as complementary to a homeowner insurance and not a substitute.

Most of the items in a home tend to be covered by a home warranty.

Unlike a manufacturers warranty that tends to cover only the replacement within a year after purchase, a home warranty tends to cover the cost as well and can be extended to as many years as one may need. One would also need to note that some manufacturers tend to imply high labor cost on the owner of a given product with the intention of recovering their spare part cost.

Inspection is not a necessity on matters to do with the home warranty. One may need to know that any pre-existing conditions in the home appliances may not be covered in the home warranty plan. One may need to also note that the home warranty contract tends to be effective for 12 months after one purchases a home warranty.

It may be wise to also note what happens in a case where one sells the house in question. One would need to note that the remaining coverage tends to be transferred to the new buyer at no additional cost. In a case where one, for example, has stayed for only two months after enrollment, the home buyer would enjoy the benefits that come with the home warranty for ten more months before the home warranty expires. One may, however, go for an extension of the home warranty in a case where it is necessary especially when one is selling his or her home.

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