Foundation Repair Dallas Publishes Homeowner Repair Guide


(Dallas, TX)—Foundation Repair Dallas has announced the publication of the company’s new comprehensive guide for homeowners. The foundation repair professionals are diving deep into their favorite topic to expose the most popular myths about foundation problems and helping homeowners understand the ins and outs of foundation repair. The newly-published guide is available on the Foundation Repair Dallas blog at

“The American Society Of Civil Engineers has purported that nearly 25 percent of U.S. homes face foundation damage because of expansive soil. Unfortunately, our land here in Texas is full of it” said Steve Keller of Foundation Repair Dallas. “Homeowners don’t like to talk about foundation damage and repair because they almost always see it as a frustrating experience and a huge expense. However, because the home’s foundation affects so many other parts of the structure, it’s something we feel obligated to educate them on. The good news is that we believe homeowners will experience a sense of relief when they discover the truth about the most common foundation repair myths they’ve heard for so long.”

Inside of the new guide the company has just published at homeowners will discover a great deal about the soil problems that are causing so many foundation issues for Texas residents. However, they will also discover why the problem isn’t as bad as they think and how learning the facts about foundation cracks can actually save them money on unnecessary repairs.

As Keller continued, “The most important thing is for homeowners to realize is that, although foundation cracks can be a sign of a serious issue, the earlier they take care of the problem the less money they are likely to pay for their repairs. They don’t have to let fear crumble their homes. Instead, we invite them to give us a call or visit our website to find out how they can get an evaluation of their issue and a quote for quick repair at no cost to them.”

Homeowners who would like to read the new guide or take advantage of Foundation Repair Dallas’ free consultation and quote can log on to

About Foundation Repair Dallas:

The Foundation Repair Dallas team has been at this whole foundation repair thing for longer than they’d like to share (it makes them feel old), but they are proud of their reputation and the work they do for the fine people of Dallas / Fort Worth. For those that think something is up with their foundation, they encourage them not to wait any longer to call them. Whether a home’s foundation is cracking, the walls are cracking, the doors aren’t opening and closing like they should, or there are gaps around the window frames, Foundation Repair Dallas would consider it a privilege to be any homeowner’s foundation repair team. They are DFW’s number one foundation repair experts and they love having the opportunity to show clients why.