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A Few Carpet Cleaning Methods Sure, people are given just about every choice and option in the world when it comes to the perfect carpet cleaning company for their home or their business, but people should also know that there is more than one method of cleaning carpets and not all can be applied on yours. Hot Water Cleaning Method More popularly know n as steam carpet cleaning, this method basically involves cleaning your entire carpet using hot water applied with high pressure in order to loosen all the built up dirt in the fibres of the carpet.
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When companies use steam carpet cleaning, they basically apply a cleaning agent in the carpet at first, then they agitate it by brushing and slowly rinsing away all the hard to get dirt. The handler will wait for a short while up until the cleaning agent has settled on the carpet, afterwards it will be ‘washed’ using an equipment specially made for the purpose of rinsing all the cleaning agent from the carpet before it’s left to dry.
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The average carpeted office would have a size of 3,000 square feet, a carpet this size would need a minimum of 2 hours in order to properly clean and another 4 hours before it’s properly dried. It’s highly recommended by carpet cleaning companies to schedule large cleaning jobs during the afternoon because after all the necessary cleaning has been done then the carpet can be left to dry overnight; office operations won’t be bothered the next morning. Shampooing the Carpet In case you may not have been aware, but the shampoo cleaning carpet method was the hit way back before 1970’s when something called the encapsulation technology was introduced. At first it was praised since the thoroughness of the shampooing process seemed to leave no trace of any kind of dirt on the carpet, but the process left so much more unwanted stuff in there; there would be so much wet foam left behind as well as the problem with the entire time needed just to dry the carpet, it also becomes incredibly sticky as it dries since no rinsing was don after the shampoo process and that’s why companies looked for a better option. Encapsulation Option This method typically makes use of various synthetic detergents which will act as the base; once the carpet begins to dry then it will turn into powder. Of course there are bound to be dirt particles that came from the fibres in the carpet, these said particles are encapsulated into the powder as the cleaning foam slowly dries; with all the powder floating about, the carpet would need a thorough brushing or vacuuming. Foam encapsulation uses less water and needs far even less time to complete when compared to carpet shampooing technology; that’s why it has become the better option in terms of carpet cleaning.