Bayou City Floor Restorers Offers Special Discounts Through the End of January


HOUSTON — Bayou City Floor Restorers announced at the details of a special sale for the New Year. From now through January 31, the full range of Bayou City Floor Restorers services, including marble and travertine floor restoration, is available at a discount of 10 percent from low, regular pricing. In addition, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (HLSR) committee members are eligible for discounts of 15 percent until the end of 2017.

With a full range of cleaning, polishing, and restoration services, all described at Bayou City Floor Restorers is a family-owned business driven by a mission of protecting and enhancing the beauty of stone floors throughout the Houston area. The company’s New Year offer makes for a special opportunity to work with one of the best-reviewed and most frequently recommended services of its kind in the region.

“Whether made of marble, travertine, or another material, every stone floor benefits from cleaning, conditioning, and maintenance,” said Bayou City Floor Restorers representative William Reich, “Staying on top of these responsibilities is the best way of ensuring that a stone floor’s beauty will hold up for many years to come. With our special discounts for the New Year, we’re hoping to help protect and enhance many stone floors throughout the Houston area. From a quick cleaning to the comprehensive restoration of a marble tile floor that has suffered from wear and damage over the years, we’re ready and able to help.”

Tiles made from natural marble and other attractive forms of stone often possess a special kind of beauty. Even after spending many thousands of dollars installing a new floor of this kind, though, some homeowners fail to keep up with maintenance thereafter. That can eventually leave a once-beautiful stone tile floor looking far worse for the wear and neglect, even to the point that its owner might contemplate ripping it out and replacing it with a brand-new one.

Bayou City Floor Restorers offers a range of services that can make such drastic steps unnecessary, saving clients money and letting the natural beauty of marble and other forms of stone shine through once again. From thorough, professional, safe cleaning services to grinding, polishing, sealing, and restoration, the company provides everything needed to enhance, protect, and recover the inherent beauty of marble, travertine, slate, and more.

Thanks to the Bayou City Floor Restorers special New Year discounts, the full range of these industry-leading services is now more affordable than ever before. From now through the end of the month, every customer is eligible for a 10 percent discount on most marble tile and other cleaning and restoration services, with HLSR members receiving 15 percent off regular prices for the rest of the year. Those interested can learn more and request a free quote at

About Bayou City Floor Restorers:
Family-owned and -operated, Bayou City Floor Restorers provides a full range of natural stone floor cleaning and restoration services throughout the Houston area.