A Better Approach to Kitchen Remodeling

There are two options available to homeowners who are interested in kitchen remodeling. These are known within the industry as the traditional or three estimates approach and the architect-design-contract approach. Read on to find out a little bit more about each of them for help deciding which to use.

The Traditional Approach

Homeowners taking a traditional approach to having their kitchens remodeled contact several contractors to get estimates for the work that they will have to perform to complete the project. Unfortunately, not all contractors pay attention to issues like how the remodeled room will blend with the rest of the home and how the floor levels will meet, and there’s no guarantee that each of these contractors will be interpreting their clients’ needs in the same way. It can also be difficult for homeowners to get a realistic idea of what their projects will cost since each quote will likely be for a different type of service according to each contractor’s interpretation of their clients’ needs.

Architect-Design-Contract Approach

Homeowners who are committed to maintaining a well-integrated home after their remodels often opt to hire an architect to design the remodel. Unfortunately, even when they offer contractors plans created by an architect, there are still other variables that could impact the price they should expect to pay. Architects aren’t builders and are thus not usually very familiar with the cost of permits and building materials, and remodeling contractors can still interpret their plans differently.

A Better Solution

Those who want to ensure that their projects come out exactly the way they want them to and don’t go above budget should know that there is a better solution. The design/build approach combines the best elements of the two approaches described above, allowing clients to work with the same team throughout the process to ensure that their remodeled kitchens perfectly meet their needs.

The primary benefit of taking this approach is that it is very client-centered. Homeowners working with design/build contractors have the ability to offer input throughout every step of the process. This allows them to make sure that everything is progressing as they expected and that their projects don’t wind up going over budget.