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Getting to Know the Importance of Church

The church is the light of society. In schools, people study about the different domain and how to specialize in them. Those skills will enable them to serve their countries and sustain their families and themselves. Under the sun, however, everything has time to start and stop and utterly vanish. One will serve until when one becomes a retiree. And unfortunately, there are those who depart before their retirement age. You have attended many funeral ceremonies of many young people! Death is inevitable in life, everyone will taste it. The biggest question is where will you spend your eternity? How and what are you doing to prepare for your eternity? Life here on the earth is almost nothing when compared to eternity. Some people are kept by their traditions, government, habits from preparing their eternity. You have a chance and opportunity to be among those who have lived their lives wisely and prepared for eternity. If you read the holy scriptures, you will find that there is one way of preparing the eternity. There is no other place that you will learn about God, Jesus, the cross, death, resurrection and eternity except in the church. Yes, some people will study that in schools but no one remains in the schools. The inform will teach you in a general manner. Then you need to join a church because that is where you will understand more about the love of God and how you are supposed to live your life as a believer. In the church, you will also learn the simple step you need to make so as to become the child of God and have your name written in the book of life. Just like in the family, there are a different department in the church, and you will find freedom and joy in joining any of that department. Joining the church will inspire your internal peace, love, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, self-control and so many other values that the world cannot impart. From then on, you will love yourself and you will love others too. Your life will not remain the same from the day you will accept Lord Jesus as your Lord and savior. You should know that there is no one that loves you like Jesus Christ. In this life you cannot find a better friend than the Lord Jesus Christ who loved and died for you, and that Jesus will not detach you from others, instead he is the right cause to love and serve them. Have you lost joy and sense of life, you need Jesus? You need a church, you and your family. Nowadays, churches have created websites. You can even pray online through the church’s online streaming option.

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