Understanding Health

Benefits of Human Survival Needs

There are basic needs that are not in material form. People are able to grow emotionally, physically and emotionally. It’s good to understand the human needs that are beneficial to us. understanding what is required of us is also important. We cannot survive without some needs. They are very important to us no matter what others think. For us to survive, we need to live a life full of believes. A life without believes is so unpredictable. It’s very hard to live without expectations.

Its very helpful to identify both our needs and other people’s needs. Our behaviors can be controlled by needs. Taking priority of everything that is valuable to us will be easy. Human basic needs can be analyzed. Most of the people think that basic needs are essential no matter what. They are never concerned of the consequences of getting in trouble. They also do not care whether their live will be destroyed. What matters to them is getting the needs.

You will have a hard time loosing something that you believe is very important for your life. In this case, you will be stressed because you didn’t have expectations of losing it. In this case, balancing emotional needs will make us see that our needs are met. Failure to do it will make us feel like we are not receiving enough. In assumption, our six needs work in pairs. Variety works with certainty, significant with love& connection,Growth and contribution. Balancing the scale is very important.

Certainty helps us survive. It gives us comfort and security in the world. We get to know things that are likely to happen to us. Through this our lives becomes less complicated. Through this we get to have peace of mind. You will make your brain do anything to meet the needs. Different people use different methods to get certainty.

You can bring certainty in your life through cleaning and organizing. This will be easier for you to find everything you need without struggle. You can also get certainty by trying to control everything around you. Many people dislike being controlled. They thinks that they can get their needs if they control everything in their world.

Some people acquire certainty when they repeat same things every day. This is one of the healthiest and easy way to achieve certainty. It can be hard if you depend on this routine so much. You can be addicted and fail to concentrate on other things. There are people who think that having money can make them have certainty. Money helps solve some issues but having a lot of it is another problem because you will have many uncertainties to deal with. In this case, being in a happy relationship makes other people have certainty.

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