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Factors to Consider When Applying For a Credit Card

In this era of technology, everything including making payments have been digitized. In the past days, barter trade was the recognized method of payment where it was replaced by the use of cash. This is an electronic card that you can use to make payments instead of using cash. It is a more efficient mode of payment that cash payment. Many banks take up the role of issuing credit cards to their customers. The guidelines that you should employ prior to taking a credit card are here.

Establish the interest rate that is offered by the bank. Based on the banks nature of getting to calculate the interest rate that you should pay them, they use either the fixed or variable interest rates. In a fixed rate scenario, the interest rate is from month to month while in the variable rate they tend to fluctuate over time. Therefore it very essential that you liaise with the bank beforehand so that you can determine the interest rates that they are charging on their credit cards and by this you can make an informed decision.

Establish the credit limit that the bank is giving you. It is the monetary limit that is induced by the bank in regards to you getting a credit from them. This can be attributed to a number of factors which include your credit history thus making it vary from person to person. It is good to have a credit card that does not limit you the way you handle your activities. This makes it necessary for you to determine what the bank is offering you as the limit as some banks tend to lower your credit limit to an amount that is lower than your current balance.

Get to know the service charge of the bank and the extent of the penalties. Calculate all the necessary costs that may be related to you being a credit card holder of a particular bank. They can help you in determining the service charge of the credit card. Discover more on the penalties that you are likely to be charged once you do a mistake. You should seek to look for a bank that is offering reasonable fees.

Establish the manner in which the bank is likely to use when coming up with the balances of your credit card. Dig deep in order to reveal the methodology used to get your financial charges on your credit card. The most used method is where the daily balances are added up together and then divided by the number of days in the billing cycle. Banks that tend to charge you twice should be completely be avoided at all cost.

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