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Factors to Consider when Buying Clutches & Brakes

When it comes to controlling rotating drive systems, clutches and brakes are of great importance. Transmission of torque can only be effective if you have functional clutches and brakes. Clutches and bakes serves the same function when it comes to transferring torque from an input shaft direct to an output shaft. Through the clutches and Brakes, you can hold a load easily through braking. So you know that clutches and Brakes are different when it comes to actuation forces? Yes, something to note. Actuation forces control the interface when an action is taken. You just alow know of the different engagement methods as this will help you make a good choice for your clutches and brakes. When looking for clutches and Brakes remember they affect response time, torque, actuation forces and also requirements of the cyclic so it is good to make a good decision. The first factor that you must consider is friction. This is one of purposes of clutches and Brakes in drive systems. One of the surfaces has metaloic with a shape of a drum or multiple discs. The other side has friction which is shaped into a plate or caliper pad. And because of the many application requirements, the friction surfaces are many of different types of materials.

For the friction surfaces to have great heat dissipation, some brass materials are used on the metal chips. There are the simple types of clutches with single friction disk and even plate. The clutch-brake controls clutching and braking at the same time. This makes actuation possible on any rotating drive system. There are some designs that requires multiple discs to effectively work on the friction surfaces to increase the cooling effectiveness, the discs can be inserted in oil. Remember, there are some brakes that use calipers rather than the normal friction plates. There are the drum clutches & brakes with cylindrical friction surfaces. They are common because of their high torque. For sure, they are the best speed cycling operations. You can also find strap brakes which are the most reliable. With their rotating drum, made of friction material for effecting actuation. It has mechanical linkage that makes the drum tight. There are also the nonfriction ones that used electromagnetic attraction when transferring torque.

The connection between input and output shafts is what is known as clutching methods. This mechanical connection which is as a result of metal-metal contact, enables the use of friction surfaces. When looking for clutches and brakes, you must check on the actuation. This mostly depends on the control system and the requirement application. You can find clutches and brakes with mechanical application, electric and fluid powered ones. There are the self-actuation clutches & brakes. Self-actuation is mostly on clutches as they automatically work witnout any control. This actuation is achieved by setting a certain speed on the input and output shafts. Do your own research is you want to make an informed decision as you shop for clutches and brakes.

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