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Thermic Edge Heater Supply.

During the thin film deposition, a Substrate heater should provide stable and uniform heating of substrates. An efficient, durable, and effective heater to prepare thin films in high vacuum deposition systems can be simple, cost-effective, and easily installable in any system. This is what Thermic Edge endeavors to supply at all costs. The company boasts of being the number one provider of comprehensive services in the vacuum furnace industry. They design and manufacture sample heaters supplied with retainers to hold semiconductor wafers. They have a range of versatile, standard, button, graphite, and PG/PBN heaters.

The company has specialized in the supply of bespoke solutions for heating procedures that cannot be realized using standard heaters and stages. The company will go out of its way to provide and guide their customers, working with them to deliver a manual with specific details and specifications to guide installation, expert-led and professionally managed projects, technical drawings, and written specifications detailing every bit of the project, a heating solution and system that has been properly configured, fully tested, and ready to be integrated with the client’s system, among other services as the client may need. As these bespoke solutions for heating applications as provided by the Thermic Edge company cannot be fulfilled using standard heaters, they can be in any shape to meet every customer’s needs and specifications.

These bespoke solutions for heating applications come in customizable shapes. The heaters can be rectangular or tubular, depending on what the client needs. Their heaters have small and large diameters and are suitable for any application or environment. Other options for the bespoke solutions include water-cooling and gas-cooling systems, temperatures ranging up to 19000 C, and top plates with RF or DC bias, and many other options as this list is not exhaustive.
It is in their policy to develop, produce, and deliver products and services, which conform consistently to customer requirements and specifications. They are in the pursuit of excellent services, and an all-rounded top-notch performance through product, process, and rigorous quality control. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, all heaters supplied by Thermic Edge go through comprehensive and detailed testing to meet the required standard. They have in-house testing capabilities that comprise helium leak checking, full temperature examination using a vacuum test system, and testing for uniformity using FLIP thermal imaging camera.

The company offers a complete range of state of the art sample heating stages for all thin film deposition system applications. These heaters and samples can be mounted in any orientation and the company’s variety of manipulators will provide affordable options for heater rotation, transfer and positioning, and sample rotation, transfer, and positioning, as well. They can also provide heaters that can meet both RF and DC sample bias requirements of up to 1000W for preparation and to improve the quality, purity, and high standard of thin films.

With all these excellent services and much more in store, Thermic Edge has proved itself to be the number one heater supplier and champions in the vacuum furnace industry in the world. Their unrivaled commitment to quality is what has pushed them ahead of their competitors.

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