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Important Truths about Local Cheese Production

Food is one of the most basic needs that man cannot go without. People eat to live. It therefore goes without saying that an entrepreneur who invests in food business will really go wrong. There are a variety of food related businesses to select from. One common one being the dairy farming. Man has domesticated cattle for centuries now, which provide meat and milk products. Very many individuals around the globe love and consume cheese in great volumes. Notably, cheese is a delicacy widely enjoyed among the European nations. This article will highlight important truths about local cheese production.

Cheese production is an art that demands great skill and patience. There are many varieties of cheeses around the world. Cheese lovers prefer to have a taste of them all. Thanks to the relative ease of exports and imports, cheeses can be sources from various geographical jurisdictions. The techniques applied in cheese production vary from one producer to another and one jurisdiction to the other. One of the common and historical methods of producing cheese is the artisan or farmstead cheese production. In this method of production, the farmer or cheese producer is involved in all stages of raring the animal and producing the cheese.

Cheese like wine, matures and improves in taste with time. This is to say that the longer it takes to produce the cheese the better it tastes. Farmstead cheese producers select their dairy animal breeds very carefully and deliberately to ensure they get high quality milk produce. In addition, the farmer watches keenly the growth progress of such animals to make certain they are always healthy, clean and well-feed. Raring and producing milk on one’s farm guarantees top quality. It is easier to eliminate the challenge of watered down milk, when the milk is produced in the farmstead. Further, the milk is moved to the cheese production section as soon as it is milked and hence no need to add preservatives which are bad for the cheese quality.

Cheese has great benefits for both the producer and consumer. Raw or fresh milk is perishable and needs to be disposed off in a hurry. Unfortunately, many times the supply of milk outdoes the demand. This means that farmers will from time to time have surpluses. Value addition is the only strategy that helps save the surplus milk from being wasted. Milk powder and cheese production are some of the methods used to preserve and add value to milk. The value addition also culminates to greater yields. The cheese yield is double or even triple that of fresh milk, depending on the quality of the cheese. Further, the shell life of cheese is years. In contrast, the shelf life of fresh is only a few hours without refrigeration.

Cheese has great nutritional value including vitamin A, minerals, calcium, protein and fats. If consumed moderately, the cheese helps to improve the health of the users. Not to mention the great taste. There are countless reasons to encourage a dairy farmer to invest in cheese production.

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