Are Your Windows Working Like They Should?

Dealing with older windows can become greatly stressful for a homeowner. Typically, windows will last between twenty and thirty years, but this depends on the materials they are made of and the level of maintenance they receive. When window issues begin to arise, it is imperative homeowners are proactive and seek new windows as soon as possible. With this information, homeowners will know when it is time for new windows.

Signs of Window Problems

Windows offer more than a beautiful facade for a home. They allow natural light in and give a glimpse of the outside world. They are also important for protecting a home and allowing for safe escape when fires or other emergencies occur. Unfortunately, windows do not last forever and they can begin to deteriorate over time. The following are some of the signs homeowners need to heed when their windows are in need of replacements.

  • Homeowners may notice colder spots near the windows because they are allowing drafts to come in.
  • The sills and other components may become rotten, placing the home in danger of water damage.
  • When the windows become difficult to open and close, it is time to consider having them replaced. Window problems can become increasingly dangerous and could lead to injuries.
  • If the windows have become difficult to clean, it is time to replace them. Outdated windows fill with dirt and grime and are impossible to properly clean. Today’s vinyl windows are much easier to clean because they can be opened in unique ways.
  • Should a homeowner notice their energy costs are rising, it is time to seek replacement windows. Often, increased energy costs are caused by faulty windows that are letting heat out and cold air in. It becomes difficult to properly heat a home when the windows are not providing protection.

Schedule an Appointment

If you are tired of dealing with your old windows, now is the perfect time to start the process of shopping for new ones. With new windows, your home will be fully protected and made more energy efficient. Call today, so your appointment can be scheduled right away.