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Learn the Steps on How to Register a Trademark in the Amazon Platform

Amazon is recognized as one of the big four technology companies and it is located specifically in Seattle, Washington; and some of the focused areas of the said platform include artificial intelligence, e-commerce, cloud computing, and digital streaming. The Amazon is known as a platform where people can sell their products or good online, but it is also the designed platform that can be used by the third-party sellers or retails in which they can sell the products owned and manufactured by the bigger electronic commerce companies to the target audiences. Amazon is the most favourite platform of each and every online seller, for its system definitely works well to them which include the seller getting access to a wide group of audience and prospect consumers and every successful business transaction a commission will be obtained by Amazon. As similar with the other online marketplace and platform, Amazon users are also facing the common problem called as trademark infringement, and such is described as a violation that commonly occurs without the knowledge of the trademark owner for it involves the act of violating the exclusive rights that are basically attached on a trademark. This certain violation that may happen in the online marketplace or platform is called as trademark infringement, and some acts of the violators include hijacking listings, passing off a brand as if they own it, and lastly, is counterfeiting the products.

The term Amazon Brand Registry, is actually one of the great solutions specifically designed for the users and account owners of the Amazon that can protect from the violation called as trademark infringement, and its basic description is that it is a database that links the brands to the right sellers. Some of the countries and economic areas that are recognized brands of the Amazon Brand Registry from the trademark owners include Canada, India, Mexico, Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom, European Union, and Japan. Ability to have reports of any suspected intellectual property or trademark infringement, getting access to the powerful technology of predictive automation, proprietary text and image search tools to seek out any unauthorized usage, and easy method of the owners of brands to search for any violators on the platform, are just some of the benefits that can be obtained by the people from the Amazon Brand Registry. The process of registering the trademark of your brand include steps like checking if your mark is already in use or already registered, filing and drafting the application for trademark registration, monitoring opposition and examination of trademark, and applying for Amazon Brand Registry. The list of information needed to apply for the said database include the countries in which your products and goods are being manufactured and distributed, the specific categories of the products that Amazon should include and enlist your brand, the US trademark registration number, and the pictures of the packaging and the products that carries your mark.

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