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Important Things You Should Know About Phenibut And The Side Effects Of Abusing It

There are different kinds of drugs that are used to reduce stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, alcohol addiction, depression and also having an irregular heartbeat in some areas. Phenibut is one of the drugs are used. It can also be sold in different brands names. The drug can be legal or illegal in some states. You may find that some countries put this drug in the category of nootropics. There is a lot about this drug that you need to understand including what happens if the drug is abused. The following is everything that you may need to know about Phenibut and the effects from its abuse.

Consider how Phenibut works. Gamma-aminobutyric acid is a chemical that is found in the brain that helps in calming the central nervous system. The Phenibut also works to calm the central nervous system. Phenibut when taken, binds with the gamma-aminobutyric acid receptors which will reduce the sensitivity of neurons and will, therefore, reduce anxiety or overstimulation. It may also work with the receptors that control your mood and will work to uplift your mood.
Phenibut’s dosage should be noted before they are taken. Research results about the dosage of Phenibut are not very clear. The dosage of the drug is highly dependent on the dealer that you buy the drug from. Some online dealers may provide 200-500mg which may give you a dosage of 2.4g.

Most drugs have side effects. The side effects of using Phenibut may not be well confirmed. However, research shows that when the drug is used chronically, one may develop tolerance to the drug. Some research that was done and does not have scientific proof, however, shows that Phenibut may have some side effects which include, drowsiness, pain, and numbness, change in sleep pattern and hangover. There are people that may hallucinate visually or verbally due to the use of high amounts of the drug.

Phenibut can make you high, and some people use it for such reasons. When you abuse Phenibut, you may experience anxiety, insomnia, fast heartbeat, poor sleep, agitation, anxiety, loss of appetite, brain fog, depression, depersonalization, dizziness, fatigue, hallucinations, irregular heartbeat rhythm, insomnia, irritability, muscle tension, nausea, primal fear, rapid heartbeat, restlessness and tremors. When you find yourself with any of these symptoms, it is high time that you seek treatment for the withdrawal symptoms. You can get help from a rehabilitation center or qualified doctors that have worked in rehab before. Work with a reputable rehabilitation center. Consider seeking help from people who are qualified when you are looking to deal with an addiction to Phenibut.

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